The Guinness

Guinness is a brand renowned all over the world

Lir Chocolates have created a luxury range of chocolates infused with the iconic Guinness rich and creamy taste. The Guinness chocolate is a perfect gift for any Guinness lover. 

Guinness Bar 90g
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Guinness Dark Chocolate Bar

Guinness Dark Chocolate Bar

Intensely rich dark chocolate lightly flavoured with the notes of Guinness beer.

Guinness Dark Truffle Bar

Guinness Dark Truffle Bar

A dark chocolate bar with a creamy white ganache flavoured with Guinness beer.

Guinness Milk Chocolate Bar

Guinness Milk Chocolate Bar

Smooth and creamy milk chocolate lightly flavoured with the notes of Guinness beer..

Guinness Caramel Bar

Guinness Caramel Bar

A creamy milk chocolate bar with smooth caramel that's flavoured with Guinness beer. 

Guinness Milk & Dark Chocolates 90g

Milk & Dark Chocolates

A selection of milk and dark chocolates with caramel and creamy ganache centres, all flavoured with Guinness beer.

Guinness Mini Caramels Pouch

Guinness Mini Caramels

A creamy milk chocolate shell filled with smooth caramel flavoured with Guinness beer.

Guinness Mini Pints

Mini Pints

The best selling mini pints are a great gift for the Guinness drinker. Dark and white chocolates with a Guinness flavoured centre,in the iconic Guinness pint shape!

Guinness Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

The favourite Guinness truffles feature a dark chocolate crisp shell with a creamy ganache flavoured with Guinness centre.

Guinness Harp

Dark Chocolate Harp

A gold shimmered dark chocolate harp flavoured with Guinness beer.

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