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Lir Chocolates have used great imagination and alchemy to create a range of the most delicious finest Irish chocolates. Our tasty portfolio offers unique flavours to chocolate lovers. Indulge today in our Irish chocolate collections: Lir, Baileys, Guinness and Famous Grouse. 

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Baileys Chocolate Collection 227g
535 in stock
Baileys Original Mini Delights Pouch 102g
506 in stock
Baileys Chocolate Truffles 135g
852 in stock
Baileys Strawberry & Cream Hearts 90g
107 in stock
Baileys Chocolate Selection 190g
264 in stock
Baileys Chocolate Collection 138g
716 in stock
Guinness Mini Pint Box 82g
481 in stock
Baileys Original Chocolate Selection 94g
515 in stock
Guinness Truffle Can 125g
388 in stock
Out of stock
Occasions by Lir, Chocolate Collection 210g
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Baileys Moments 108g
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