Baileys Chocolate Collection

Are you looking for the perfect chocolate treat? Discover Baileys chocolates and bring the perfect chocolate to impress yourself.

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Baileys Chocolate Collection 227g
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Baileys Original Mini Delights Pouch 102g
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Baileys Chocolate Truffles 135g
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Baileys Chocolate Collection 138g
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Baileys Chocolate Selection 190g
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Baileys Original Chocolate Selection 94g
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Baileys Strawberry & Cream Hearts 90g
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Baileys Chocolates

The Baileys Chocolate collection is a combination of the finest Irish Lir Chocolate and a delicate touch of Baileys Cream Liqueur. We promise it’s nothing short of perfection. Whether you are looking for boxed baileys chocolates or baileys chocolate bars, you can find them in LIR online shop. Browse our Baileys chocolate collection and find out our brand new range of indulgent Baileys chocolates and special offers.