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Simply in love with chocolate

At Lir Chocolates, a love of chocolate is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on combining the very best ingredients, both traditional and surprising, with imagination and alchemy. We take pleasure in the magic and craft of turning the finest chocolate into hand-finished and hand-decorated pieces. We hope you will discover your own personal favourites and enjoy tasting our chocolates as much as we enjoy creating them.

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The Legend of Lir

The name Lir comes from the Irish Legend of the Children of Lir.
Lir was a powerful king of the magical Tuatha De Dannann, one of the earliest tribes to inhabit Ireland. On the death of his beloved Queen, Lir married her sister Aoife so that his children would have a loving mother. Aoife was intensely jealous of Lir's love for his four children and by powerful sorcery, she transformed them into four white swans.
The story of the children of Lir is a legend of deep mystery, magical powers, poetry, love, beauty and passion and our chocolatiers draw on many of
these elements to create our chocolate collections.

Pop Up Café

08 / 11 / 20017

We’re celebrating our 30th birthday with the launch of the ‘Lir Chocolate Workshop’ on Dame Lane, Dublin 2 from Monday 6th –  Sunday 12th November.

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Lir launch new website

09 / 11 / 20017

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