A Guide to Pairing Chocolate with Different Types of Tea

Tea and chocolate are two luxuries that are delightful to have on their own, but even more magical when paired together. Having them together is not only a tasty experience enabling you to learn more about your preferences but is a way to explore new vibrant flavours that work well together. If you are looking to treat your guests or just yourself, the guide we have put together on pairing chocolate with different types of tea will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Lir Dark Chocolate Truffles and Assam Tea: The Lir Dark Chocolate Truffles are a rich dark chocolate torte infused with Madagascan vanilla. When paired with an Assam Tea, this creates an intense flavour experience as the rich and malty flavour of the tea brings out the intense tones in the chocolate truffles.

Lir Milk Chocolate Truffles and Earl Grey: The Lir Milk Chocolate Truffles are soft and refined and are infused with Madagascan vanilla. When paired with an Ear Grey the creamy and light character of the chocolate as well as the vanilla flavours, enhance the citrus taste of the earl grey, creating a beautiful yet complex taste.

Lir Dark Chocolate Mint Bar and Moroccan Mint Tea: This chocolate is the ultimate blend of the finest dark chocolate, with a refreshing peppermint centre. Pairing this chocolate with a mint tea is the perfect match, providing an aromatic and strong cooling sensation.

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