Dark Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate

Discover Lir Chocolates' exquisite dark chocolate collection. From Guinness-infused bars to Baileys truffles, our premium range offers rich, indulgent flavours crafted with care. Perfect for chocolate lovers in Ireland and the UK. Shop now for a luxurious treat! 

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8 products
Guinness Father's Day Bundle
Regular price €42,00 Sale price €36,00
16 in stock
Guinness Truffle Can 125g
128 in stock
Guinness Truffle Bar 90g
Regular price €3,00 Sale price €1,00
172 in stock
Guinness Truffles Tube 320g
Regular price €13,00 Sale price €11,00
944 in stock
Baileys Chocolate Collection 227g
55 in stock
Guinness Dark Chocolate Bar 90g
432 in stock
Guinness Mini Pint Box 82g
16 in stock
Guinness Chocolate Truffles 135g
271 in stock

Our Dark Chocolate Collection

Our dark chocolate range offers a variety of delicious products, each designed to provide a unique and delightful experience. Explore our selection and find the perfect dark chocolate treat for any occasion.

Discover our dark chocolate collection today and find your new favourite indulgence. Each product is crafted to provide a rich, unforgettable experience, perfect for any chocolate lover.

Infused with the distinctive flavour of Guinness, these dark chocolate bars offer a rich and robust taste. Perfect for fans of the iconic stout, these bars blend the deep cocoa flavour of dark chocolate with the unique notes of Guinness.

These luxurious truffles are made with rich dark chocolate and infused with Guinness, creating a smooth, indulgent treat. Packaged in a convenient tube, they are ideal for gifting or enjoying on the go.

Presented in a stylish can, these dark chocolate truffles deliver a decadent experience with the rich flavours of Guinness. Perfect for sharing or as a special gift, these truffles are a must-try for any dark chocolate lover.

This exquisite collection combines the smooth, creamy taste of Baileys with rich dark chocolate. Ideal for those who enjoy a hint of liqueur in their chocolate, the Baileys Chocolate Collection offers a luxurious and satisfying treat.

Celebrate Easter with these unique dark chocolate Easter eggs, shaped like rugby balls and infused with the rich flavour of Guinness. A delightful twist on traditional Easter eggs, these treats are perfect for rugby fans and chocolate lovers alike.