Dark Chocolate

For those who prefer a rich and luxurious taste of dark chocolate, you got to taste our selection of dark chocolates. From our dark chocolate bars to dark chocolate truffles, you can taste the deep and indulgent flavour of cocoa. Try our Baileys and Guinness dark chocolate collections to treat yourself to an intense chocolate experience.  

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Baileys Chocolate Collection 227g
371 in stock
Guinness Truffles Tube 320g
113 in stock
Baileys Chocolate Collection 138g
144 in stock
Guinness Mini Pint Box 82g
438 in stock
Lir Dark Chocolate Truffles 102g
11 in stock
Lovely by Lir, Chocolate Collection 110g
40 in stock
Baileys Original Chocolate Selection 94g
26 in stock
Guinness Dark Chocolate Bar 90g
108 in stock
Baileys Moments 108g
63 in stock
Guinness Truffle Bar 90g
30 in stock
Lir Dark Chocolate Mint Bar 90g
592 in stock
Guinness Milk & Dark Chocolates 90g
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Guinness Truffle Can 125g
323 in stock