Wholesale Account Guide

Shopping our website as a wholesale customer is just 5 simple steps away, please follow the bellow guide to complete an application for an account and/or shop our Wholesale section.

How to register for a Wholesale Account:

  1. Register an account for our Wholesale platform now. Simply head over to lirchocolates.com/pages/register and complete the registration form.


  1. Once completed, we’ll either approve or decline your account within 2 working days (only accepting Irish accounts at present).


How to use your Wholesale Account:

  1. Log in to your account at lirchocolates.com/account/login. You need to ensure you are logged in first to access the Wholesale Products on the website. This is to ensure only accepted applications can purchase at the wholesale price list.


  1. Once you’re logged in you’ll be directed to your account page, this confirms you are logged in and you are ready to shop!


  1. Go to lirchocolates.com/collections/wholesale-products and shop away.


  1. If you require any specific Expiry Dates or have any further questions, simply reach out to customer.care@lirchocolates.com