Baileys Chocolate S'mores-inspired cocktail


As the evenings grow darker, wrap yourself in a cosy cocoon with a delectable Baileys Chocolate S'mores-inspired cocktail.

Decorate your glasses with a melted chocolate rim dipped in crushed Baileys Chocolate Nut Mix and toasted marshmallow, and serve with Baileys Chocolate Collection and more delicious Baileys Nuts.

Cosy up and share this irresistible combo with your best friend and a good fireside natter.


Melted Baileys Chocolate Truffles
Crushed Baileys nuts
50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream
25ml Vodka
Orange zest pared in strips
30ml Double Cream
Large marshmallow
Gold Martini skewer
Ice cubes
1. Put the melted Baileys chocolate truffles on a plate and the crushed Baileys nuts on another plate
2.Dip the rim of a chilled glass into the melted Baileys chocolate truffles and then carefully straight into the Baileys crushed nuts - leave to set in the fridge
3. Put Ice, Baileys, Vodka, Orange Peel into a Cocktail Shaker
4.Shake for 30 seconds and then strain into the glass
5.Carefully pour the double cream on top over the back of a spoon
6. Thread a large marshmallow onto a skewer and carefully toast over a flame
7 .Top cocktail with toasted marshmallow and enjoy


Baileys Nuts are available at Tesco

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