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What makes Lir Chocolate special? 

Why our chocolate is so good: the story behind Lir Chocolates 

The story behind the chocolates 

Handcrafted indulgences: the making of Lir Chocolates 

A Lir Chocolate is not just a chocolate. The ultimate level of care goes into crafting the perfect bite for you – from sourcing ingredients to our artful designs – because we understand that every detail makes a difference. 

Only the best ingredients 

Our cocoa beans are sourced from the very best suppliers from around the world – from Belgium to Colombia – to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are processed and refined following sustainability requirements. 

The sweet science of chocolate 

Before chocolate becomes the bars you know and love, it is tempered to bring out the good cocoa butter crystals – the ones that give it that satisfying snap, luxurious shine and delicious taste. We take great pride in our tempering process to ensure our chocolates are nothing short of perfection, and a great tasting chocolate for you or your loved ones to enjoy.  

The magic of hand-decorated chocolates 

Many Lir Chocolates – including our gorgeous Easter Eggs – are hand-decorated, making every piece unique. Once the shells have been made, chocolates are hand drizzled, or covered in crushed hazelnuts by hand. 

The hand finished designs truly are a team effort, with the entire Lir team involved in the design process, carefully selecting chocolatey finish, or intricate, colourful glazes. 

All of this comes down to creating delicious tasting chocolates for you. The care and quality of our chocolates is what makes Lir Chocolates the perfect gift to show someone you love how much you appreciate them, by letting them indulge in perfectly crafted Lir Chocolates. 

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