5 Reasons to Love Lir Chocolates

1. Made Local

All of our chocolate products are made right here in Ireland, using high-quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly. 

2. Magic and Innovation  

Our dedicated team of designers, food scientists and chocolate crafters are constantly on the hunt for new flavors and innovative ways to make delicious chocolates. Our chocolates are made combining traditional skills with unexpected ingredients to make every bite a magical and indulgent experience.

3. We love our people and our people love chocolate  

At Lir, people mean everything to us and our superb community culture allows us to put the care and love into our chocolate innovations. That is why our chocolates are so delicious.  

4. Delivered to your doorstep 

Our online shop provides a wide range of our chocolates that are delivered to your home and ready to enjoy whenever you need and want a treat. Try our Champagne truffles for a quiet moment of luxury. 

5. The perfect gift  

Our handcrafted chocolate selections are beautifully wrapped in lovingly designed boxes that are sustainable and a joy to look at. Our boxes are perfect for gifting and are guaranteed to bring joy to those you love.  


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