Baileys Classic Espresso Martini & Truffles

Welcome in the Summer months with this decadent cocktail combining rich Baileys Chocolate with the iconic Espresso Martini!
Using Baileys Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Bar, why not experiment with one of our many truffle flavours - we recommend our Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Truffles for a summery twist!

Serves 1

50ml Baileys original Irish Cream
25ml Espresso Coffee
25ml Vodka

To decorate:
Baileys Truffles
Baileys Chocolate Bar
Metal cocktail sticks


1. Prepare the glass: Melt the Baileys chocolate bar and using a teaspoon drizzle inside the glass. Leave to cool.
2. Fill a shaker with ice cubes, add all of the cocktail ingredients and shake.
3. Warm the cocktail sticks in hot water and carefully pierce through a Baileys truffle.
4. Decorate with the truffles and grated chocolate.

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