The Perfect Baileys Nutty Cocktail

Take your cocktails to the next level with new Baileys Chocolate Nut Mix…. an utterly indulgent way to serve this fabulous Baileys cocktail..



(Serves 2)

100mls Baileys Original Irish Cream,

200ml of almond milk,

1 chopped banana

A handful of ice cubes

To decorate:

Baileys Chocolate melted

Baileys Chocolate Nut Mix, lightly crushed



  1. First decorate the glasses:
  2. Melt some Baileys chocolate and drizzle onto the side of a cocktail glass
  3. Place some Baileys Chocolate Nut Mix on a board and crush slightly
  4. Gently press the glass onto the crushed nuts and refrigerate while you prepare the cocktail
  5. Blend together the Baileys Original Irish Cream, almond milk, chopped banana and ice cubes
  6. Pour into the two glasses.
  7. Serve the cocktail with more delicious nuts for the ultimate chocolatey cocktail treat!

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