The Ultimate Chocolate and Beer Pairing Guide

We have already paired our chocolate with different types of wine, so what’s next? Going down another, maybe surprising route, Lir would like to introduce you to pairing chocolate with beer. Unlike pairing two dominant flavours together like chocolate and wine, beer can act as a subtle partner. The bubbly and refreshing qualities of beer create a match made in heaven that you will simply not be able to resist.

Lir Dark Chocolate Truffles and Pilsner Urquell: Our Dark chocolate truffles consist of rich dark chocolate torte infused with Madagascan vanilla. We recommend pairing it with a Pilsner Urquell, the world's first golden pilsner lager. The refreshing crispiness and subtle caramel tones work perfectly with the smooth and rich taste of dark chocolate.

Lir Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar and Guiness Foreign Extra Stout: Our Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar has a smooth caramel texture with a pinch of Irish Atlantic Sea salt - simply irresistible. We recommend pairing this with a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout which is more heavily hopped than Guinness Draught. The stout has a higher alcohol content and a more bitter taste which makes a harmonious match with the sweeter chocolate caramel.

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